Psychologist - Dr. Elizabeth L. Richeson, Ph.D., M.S. PsyPharm

Dr. Richeson is a Psychologist with an office in El Paso, Texas. She provides services to Adults and Adolescents in the following areas: and more.

is a Psychology Resident. He provides services to a wide array of populations, ranging from adolescent to geriatric patients. Dr. Riddell specializes in the following areas: Substance Use Disorders, ADHD, PTSD, and more.

Office location is on El Paso's Westside on Sunland Park Drive, just off Interstate-10.

Dr. Richeson is available for speaking engagements for your organization or school. She lectures on many topics including Health, Career, Family, Teen Dating Violence.

If you'd like to make an appointment please contact Dr. Richeson's office.

Image of Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth L. Richeson, Ph.D., M.S. PsyPharm.
Image of Psychologist Resident Dr. Blake A. Riddell, Ph.D.